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T^His genealogy was prepared at the re- 
quest of the late Dr. William Henry 
Egle, of Harrisburg, for insertion in an in- 
tended third volume of his Pennsylvania 
Genealogies, the publication of which has 
now been abandoned. 

The plan of Dr. Egle's work called for 
the dropping of all lines not represented in 
Pennsylvania or descended from Pennsyl- 
vanians. This accounts for the omission 
of some I would specially have liked to in- 
clude. To delay printing until I should 
find time for the correspondence necessary 
in gathering the data to include them, and 
time for the rearrangement of the whole, 
might, I fear, result in no publication at 
all, so I am constrained to print what I 
have as it is. An enlarged edition may 
be looked for at some future time. 

Acknowledgment is specially due to Hon. 
Isaac B. Brown, of Harrisburg, and to 
Enoch Wilcox Vars, of Niantic, R. I., for 
assistance in the work. 

Scranton, April, 1902. 


5. First line, change Medbury to Med- 
bery. Same correction to be made 
in two places on page 36. 

9. Third line from bottom, 6 should be b. 
16. Luarancie should be Lurancia. 

20. First line of note: Within the paren- 

thesis instead of superior figure 2 
should be question mark, indicating 
quaere as to right name. Same 
correction in first line of second 

21. Change Glouster to Gloucester. 

22. Middle of page, change Buchannan to 

29. Change Cavour to Carvor. 't^i>-'^i 
36. Change Carvour to Carvor. 


!. EDWARD WILCOX is mentioned 
in Savage's Genealogical Dictionary. Aus- 
tin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Is- 
land gives his descendants to the third gen- 
eration. The best account of him is to be 
found in a paper read before the Pawca- 
tuck Valley Historical Society, by Ray 
Greene Huling, D. Sc. , of Cambridge, 
Mass., and published in a series of chap- 
ters on ' ' The Early Wilcoxes " in the 
Westerly (R. I.) Sun, in April, 1896. For 
some suggestions as to a possible ancestry 
of this Edward see "Devon (England) 
Notes and Queries " for October, 1900, 
page 102. See also a pamphlet: "The 
Wilcox Family, " by Rev. S. P. Merrill of 
Rochester, N. Y. , reprinted from the Nar- 
ragansett Historical Register for July, 1889. 
Anc see the Visitation of Leicestershire in 
Vol. XI'II of the Harleian Society's Publi- 

Among the children of Edward was a 
son Stephen. 

of Portsmouth, RT., was freeman therein 
1658^ H a was of Westerly at the organi- 


zation of that town in 1669. Was born 
about 1633 3-^^ died about 1690. He was 
deputy in General Assembly in 1670 and 
1672. (See Denison s Westerly and its 
Witnesses.) He married Hannah, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Hazard. (See the Haz- 
ard Family of Rhode Island by Carohne 
E. Robinson.) Their children were 

i Edward, b. 1662, m. Marj, d. of Eobert 

ii Thomas, d. 1728, m. Martha, daughter 

of same, 
iii Daniel, m. 1697, Mary Wodell. 
iv William, m. January 25, 1698, Dorothy 

V Stephen, m. 1704, Elizabeth Crandall. 
vi Hannah, m. Samuel, son of Jeremiah 

and Ann (Audley) Clarke. 
vii Jeremiah, m. Mary, dau. Thomas Mallett 

Prof. Huling suggests that Bethia Wil- 
cox, who m. Gershom Cottrell, February 
15, 1678, was probably Stephen's eldest 
child, though her name appears to have 
been overlooked by Miss Robinson. 

etf, Edward^ ) of Westerly, b. about 1662, 
d. 5 Nov. 1 71 5. Was twice married — first 

to Mary, dau. of Robert and Mary (Brown- 
ell) Hazard, and gr. d. of Thomas Hazard 
mentioned above. There were four child- 
ren of the first marriage. (Mary, Hannah, 
Stephenu.. and Edward), and six (Sarah, 
Thonias, Hezekiah, Elisha, Amey and 
Susannah,) by the second. See Hazard 
Family quoted above, for dates. The 
second marriage was to Thomasin, dau. 
of Richard Stevens, of Taunton, Mass., 
May I, 1698, by Rev. Samuel Danforth, 
of Taunton. 

Lieut. Gov. Edward Wilcox, of Charles- 
town, R. I., was great grandson of this. 
Edward. (Gov. Edward^ Joseph^ Ed- 
ward*.) He was a prominent merchant. 
Served in the legislature in 1794 and 1823 
and many terms between ; was presidential 
elector in 18 16. 

ward^ Stephen^, Edward^) of Westerly, 
m. July 12, 1 7 16, Mercie Randall, dau. of 
Matthew Randall, of Stonington. Their 
children were 

i David, born February 3, 1720. 
ii Mercie, August 6, 1724. 

iii Eunice, May ±% 1726. 


iv Stephen, April 21, 1728. 

V Valentine, February 14, 1733. 

vi Isaiah, about 1738. 

The Randall genealogy gives the names 
of the first five children only, but I have 
the original will of Stephen, dated 1753, 
in which he mentions his wife Mercie and 
the six children in the order of their age, 
as above. 

A memorandum has been sent me from 
the records in the Newport Historical So- 
ciety showing Isaiah Wilcox to have been 
ensign of the First Company of Militia, 
Westerly, 1775, and Valentine Wilcox a 
private in Capt. John Gavitt's Company, 
Westerly, 1776. While the identification 
is not entirely certain it is probable they 
were these sons of Stephen and Mercie. 
The same data appears also at page 322 
of Smith's Civil and Military Lists of 
Rhode Island, 1647- 1800. 

phen\ Edward^ Stephen^ Edward') b. 
Westerly about 1638, (possibly earlier,) 
and d. March 3, 1793 (or 1795;) was bap. 

February, 1766 and ordained Feb. 14, 
1 771; was first pastor of '* The Wilcox 
Church" (Baptist), Westerly. In 1785, 
under his ministry, occurred a great revi- 
val in which more than two hundred were 
added to his church. He was a man of 
much power and influence, and his death 
at the untimely age of fifty-five years, of 
small-pox, taken in ministering to one of 
his church, was much mourned. 

He m. October 15, 1761, Sarah, dau. 
of John Lewis of Westerly. Their children 

i Isaiah, b. January 31, 1763. 

ii Asa, b. Sept. 1, 1764. Was a Bapt. 

clergyman, D. at Essex, Ct. 
iii Nathan, b. April 10, 1766. Kemoved 
in 1792 with his bro. Isaiah to 
Danube. For partial list of de- 
scendants to third generation see 
" Lewisiana " for Januarj^ Feb- 
ruary and November, 18^4. 
iv Sally (Sarah) b. December 19, 1767. 

m. John Barber. 
V Merov, b. March 23, 1769, d. Sep. 18, 

vi Stephen, b. Oct. 10, 1770. His sons 
Stephen"^, b. May 7-. 1796 and 
Thomas Jefferson'', -o". Aug. 15, 
1800, were merchants and direct- 
ors in Phenix Bank. Stephen''' 


was representative, senator and 
nominated for governor. His son, 
Stephen^, a manufacturer and an 
inventor of note, founded and en- 
dov^ed the Westerly public library. 

vii Oliver, b. June 26, 1773. He bought 
from the other heirs the old home- 
stead at Watch Hill. From Oliver 
it descended through his daught- 
er Hannah '^ to her son, Enoch 
Wilcox^ Vars, of Niantic, who re- 
cently sold it. 

viii Prudence, b. March 10, 1775. Married 
Joshua Vose, 3d. 

ix Polly (Marv) b. January 8, 1777, d. 
June 13, 1789. 

X Lewis, b. Nov. 17, 1780, died in the 

xi Enoch, b. Jan. 4, 1785; d. at George- 
town, S. C, Jan. 29, 1829. 

xii Mercy, b. Nov. 27, 1789; m. Hezekiah 
Lewis; d. at Newville, N. Y., July 
20, 1879. 

VI. ISAIAH^ WILCOX, (Isaiah-\ Ste- 
phen^ Edward^ Stephen^ Edward^) b. 
Westerly, K. L, January 31, 1762-3, m. 
January 22, 1788, Polly, dau. of William 
and Judith Pendleton. Though less than 
fourteen years of age at the breaking out 
of the Revolutionary war, he nevertheless 
served for short periods in that contest. 


He enlisted as a minute man about Feb- 
ruary lo, 1778, in Captain Walter White's 
Company of Colonel Joseph Noyes' Regi- 
ment, at Westerly, and was under arms a 
number of times between that date and the 
close of the war. After his marriage he re- 
moved to New London, to Norwich and to 
Preston, Connecticut, and afterwards to 
Danube township, Herkimer county. New 
York. A specially trying experience of 
his here was the destruction of his house 
and contents by fire soon after his settle- 
ment. He lived to the ripe age of 82 
years. He was a deacon in the Baptist 
church and a man highly esteemed in the 
community. He died at Danube, July 13, 
1844. His children were: 

i Polly, b. Preston, Ct., January 4, 1789. 

ii Isaiab. b. Preston, November 31, 1790. 

iii "\Villia;n Pendleton, b. Danube, May 
30, 1794. 

iv Asa, b. Danube, March 9, 1797. Was 
member of the N. Y. legislature. 
George Pendleton Wilcox of Lit- 
tle Falls, N. Y., and Hon. Isaiah 
Alonzo W^ilcox of Santa Clara, Cal- 
ifornia, were sons of Asa. 

V Lydia., b. Danube, October 10, 1799. 

vi Nancy, b. Danube, Jan. 31, 1802. 


vii Nathan Pendleton, b. Danube, May 3, 

Note. — Major Brian Pendleton was born in 
England in 1599. He was a soldier in King Phil- 
ip's war and some of his letters are preserved in the 
war archives. In 1664 he was commissioned Cap- 
tain of the Portsmouth company, and in 1668 made 
Major. He was a man of prominence and died in 
1681. See Austin's Genealogical Dictionary and 
Wheeler's History of Stonington. He hadbutone 
son. Captain James Pendleton, born 1627, who 
married as second wife Hannah, dau. of Edmund 
Goodenow, April 29, 1656, and died November 24, 
1709. Their son. Major Joseph Pendleton, was 
born Dec. 29, 1661, at Sudbury, Mass. He mar- 
ried (1) Deborah Miner, July 8, 1696, and she 
having died Sept. 8, 1697, he married (2) Patience, 
dau. of Capt. Wm. Potts of New London, Dec. 11, 
1700. Major Joseph died Sept. 20, 1706. See 
Arnold's Vital Statistics of Rhode Island. Major 
Joseph and Patience had three sons, of whom the 
second was William, afterwards Colonel, born at 
Westerly, March 23, 1704. Col. William Pendle- 
ton married Lydia Burrows of Groton, by whom he 
had nine children, of whom the elder was Captain 
William, father of Polly, who married Isaiah Wil- 
cox. The records of the Stonington church (Whee- 
ler's Hist. First Congregational Church of Ston- 
ington) show the marriage April 25, 1751, by Rev. 
Nathaniel Ellis, of William Pendleton and Mary 
Chesebrough. It has been supposed that the 
William Pendleton of this marriage was Captain 


William, and some published geneologies have so 
given it, but it is now claimed that it was Colonel 
William, that being his second marriage, and that 
the wife of Captain William was Judith Carr (or 
Burdick), whose family has not been learned. Cap- 
tain William was b. Feb. 4, 1727. In 1769 he went 
to Maine and settled at Ilesboro, where many of 
his descendants are still to be found. 

Isaiah^ Stephen^ Edward^, Stephen^, Ed- 
ward^) b. Preston, Ct., January 4, 1789, 
m. November 22, 1806, Isaac Brown, son 
of Isaac and Esther (Barrington) Brown. 
They removed early to German Flats, and 
afterwards to Cicero, Onondaga county, 
New York. Their children were: 

i Rasselas Wilcox,b. September 30,1809, 

d. June 27, 1887. 
ii Mary Ann, b. June 22, 1811. 
iii Isaac, born August 3, 1812, d. Dec. 

9, 1832. 

Polly Wilcox Brown died May 17, 1813 
and Isaac m. second, Lydia Shaw, and 
had other children: Gilbert, Sarah, Eliza, 
and Mason. Isaac died October 27, 1834, 
aged 51 years. His widow Lydia, died 
about 1858. 

Note. — Isaac Brown and Esther Barrington 


were married by Rev. Joseph Fish, at Stonington, 
Conn., March 30, 1675. He removed to New York 
state and died at Cortland in 1836. The}^ had 
seven children: 

i Esther, b. March 19, 1776, m. 

ii Bridget, b. September 14, 1777, m. 


iii Polly, b. May 6, 1779, m. Joslin. 

iv Hannah, b. February 1, 1781, m. 

V Isaac, b. November 17, 1782, m. Polly 

vi Alanson, b. June 1, 1784, m. 


vii Eunice, b. February 5, 1786, m. 


WILCOX (Isaiah^ Isaiah-\ Stephen^ Ed- 
ward^ Stephen^ Edward',) b. in Herkim- 
er county, N. Y. , May 30, 1794. He was 
a soldier in the war of 1812, and was sher- 
iff of Allegheny county, N. Y. He re- 
moved in 1822 to Nunda, and in 1831 to 
McKean county, Pa., where he became 
the sales agent for Benjamin and Andrew 
M. Jones, afterwards the McKean and 
Elk Land and Improvement Company. 
His work was the inducing of immigration 


and development of the agricultural and 
mineral resources of the properties of the 
company, and he naturally became identi- 
fied with many of the enterprises of that 
section of the state. In 1835 he was 
elected to the Pennsylvania House of Rep- 
resentatives and was re-elected for three 
successive terms, serving through Gover- 
nor Ritner's administration and the ' 'Buck- 
shot war." He was then elected to the 
Senate and in 1845 ^^ ^^^ speakership of 
that body. In 1858 and 1859 he was again 
a member of the house of representatives. 
He also served a term as Associate Judge. 
The latter part of his life was spent on a 
farm at Williamsville, McKean county. 
The newspaper notices of his death speak 
of his public services, the purity of his 
public and private life, his abihties, his 
generosity, his commanding appearance 
and the evenness of his cheerful, genial 
disposition. He died at Port Allegany, 
April 13, 1868. He was first married to 
Betsey Payne, by whom he had three 
children : 

i Elvira Zeviah, b. Danube, Dec. 29, 1815. 
ii Alonzo Isaiah, b. Danube, Mar. 22,1819. 


iii Clarissa Prudelia, b. 1821, died unmar- 
ried January 9, 1845. 

His wife Betsey died, and he married in 
1824, Esther Swift, born in Tolland, Con- 
necticut, who had removed with her par- 
ents to Onondaga county. New York. She 
died at Port Allegheny, Pa., January 5, 
1 88 1, aged 79 years. There were no child- 
ren of the second marriage. 

COX, (Isaiah^ Isaiah'^ Stephen^ Edward^ 
Stephen^ Edward*) b. Herkimer county, 
N. Y., May 3, 1804, removed to Nunda, 
N. Y. , where he was the architect and 
builder of the Baptist Church known as 
the * ' Brick Church. " He married, Oc- 
tober 9, 1828, Luranciey- daughter of Lt. 
William and Sarah (Norton) Richardson, 
of Madison county, N. Y. They had two 

i Thomas Jefferson, b. April 29, 1830; d. 

July 30, 1830. 
ii Nathan Pendleton, b. May 16, 1832. 

He died April 24, 1833, aged 29 years. 
His widow married William Williams, of 


Smethport, McKean county, who had a 
considerable family by a former wife. She 
survived him and died at Sewickley, De- 
cember lo, 1893. 


(Polly^ Wilcox, Isaiah^, Isaiah^ Stephen^ 
Edward^, Stephen^, Edward^) was born at 
German Flats, N. Y. , Sept. 30, 1809, and 
died June 27, 1887. His wife was Mary 
Potter Brownell, daughter of Jedediah and 
Eunice (Watkins) Brownell, and sister of 
Judge W. S. Brownell, of Smethport, Pa. 
They were married September 25, 1832, 
and resided at Rasselas, Elk county. Pa. 
Their children were: 

i Jefferson Luther, b. June 25, 1834, at 

Fort Beaverton, K Y., d. Dec. 12, 
ii William Wallace, b. April 22, 1836. 
iii Olive Jane, b. July 29, 1838; m. Silas 

W. Mojer. 
iv Mary Ann, b. Nov. 11, 1840; m. Geo. 

R. Allen, d. July 10, 1897. 
V Eunice Angeline, b. May 3, 1843; m. 

Wm. E. Hewitt, of Brockwayville, 

Pa., Dec. 25, 1865. 
vi Isaac Brownell, b. Feb. 20, 1848. 

He joined the Baptist congregation at 


the age of i8 and remained a steadfast, 
consistent member until his death. In 
pohtics he was a Whig and a strong sup- 
porter of the Repubhcan party from its 
organization. All his sons were in the 
army, the youngest entering the service 
with his father's consent at the age of fif- 
teen years. 

In 1837 Mr. Brown and his brother-in- 
law, Hon. Wm. S. Brownell, walked from 
Onondaga county, N. Y. , to Elk county, 
Pa., then a wilderness. Both have been 
prominently identified with the develop- 
ment of Northwestern Pennsylvania. He 
was a man of much energy and enterprise, 
of great firmness of character, affection- 
ate in disposition, and his probity and 
integrity were proverbial. Before his re- 
moval to Pennsylvania he had laid out and 
cleared the ground for a cemetery in Cicero, 
Onondaga county, N.Y., and the first in- 
terment had been that of his brother. It 
was Mr. Brown's request that he also 
might be buried there. His sons and sons- 
in-law were his pallbearers, and an affect- 
ing and appropriate incident was the read- 
ing at the grave of the 50th chapter of 


Genesis, where reference is made to the 
burial in Canaan of Jacob, by his sons. 

Wilcox Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Stephen*, Edward^ 
Stephen2, Edward^) was b. June 22, 181 1, 
and married Noah Merriam. Their child- 
ren were: 

i Polly, m. Seymour Skiff and has child- 
i Marilla; ii, Mary; iii Ola; iv, 
Charlie; v, George; vi, Clara; vii, 

ii Hollister, had eight children, of whom 
four are dead. 

iii Amanda, married to Jefferson L. 
Brown. See XY. 

iv Clara, m. H. H. Loomis, has children — 
i Edward; ii Dora; iii Anna. 

V Isaac, m. (1) Mary Salisbury, (2) Bettie 
Dews. Has four children by first 
and three by second wife. 

vi Thomas, m. Clara Doane. One child, 
Mary Doane. 

vii Ann Eliza, m. Philips Ernhout. One 
child, Miriam. 

(Wm. Pendleton^, Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Ste- 



phen^, Edward^, Stephen"^, Edward-) m. 
Sept. 26, 1839, Chester Irons Medbery of 
McKean county, Pa. Their children were: 

i William Chester, 
ii AloDzo Harris. 

They hved in McKean county until Oc- 
tober, 1883, when they removed with their 
son Alonzo H. to Beadle county, South 
Dakota, and remained there with him un- 
til their death. Her husband died March 
17, 1893. She died October 5, 1900. 

Note. — Joseph (^ Medbery was an exemplary 
Quaker, a farmer by trade, and a resident of Rhode 
Island. His wife's maiden name was Harris. He 
had sons Benjamin, Joseph and Harris. 

Harris^ Medbery (Joseph?) was born in Rhode 
Island; m. about 1810, Lydia Irons. By this mar- 
riage there were two sons, Nelson and Chester 
Irons. Lydia d. about 1816 and he m. (second 
wife) Betsey Hawkins. He then moved to Che- 
nango county, N. Y., and engaged in farming, 
darying and stock raising. Had also a store and 
a tannery. Was colonel of State Militia. Children 
by second wife were: 

George, who lives on homestead in Chenan- 
go county. 
Andrew, died unmarried. 


Ellen Maria, m. Aaron S. Arnold, lived at 

Smethport, McKean county, Pa. 
Emeline, m. Ira Holmes. 
Elizabeth, m. Washington Holmes. 

Laura, m. Windsor. 

Millie, d. unmarried. 

Chester Irons^ Medbery (Harris^ Joseph^), b. 
Gloii^;^ E. I., 5th April, 1814, d. in Liberty town- 
ship, near Cavojrf'r, So. Dakota, March 17, 1893. 
Was principally engaged in lumber and merchan- 
tile business at Port Alleghany, Pa. He was a 
life-long Democrat, as were all the Medberys, and 
was at one time quite prominent in politics in Mc- 
Kean county. In the hope that his strong person- 
ality and irreproachable character would overcome 
the customary adverse majority he was nominated 
for associate judge and for congress, and made 
creditable campaigns but was not elected. He 
was fearless, generous and charitable and univers- 
ally respected. After 1883 he and his wife lived 
with their son, A. H. Medberv, in South Dakota. 


(William Pendleton'^, Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Ste- 
phen^ Edward^ Stephen^ Edward^) born 
Danube township, Herkimer county, N. Y., 
March 22, 1819; married, June 2, 1846, 
Lovisa, dau. of Judge Isaac and Lucy 
(Warren) Horton. She died at Kendall 
Borough, Pa., January 3, 1881, aged 65 


years; he died July 28, 1899, at Hacken- 
sack, N. J. Their children were: 

i Clarissa, born, 1847. 

ii Susan, 1853. 

iii Ida, 1857. 

iv William, 1860. 

of whom all but Ida died without issue. 

He was a lumberman and oil producer; 
he located an extensive saw mill in the 
wilderness of Elk county when he was but 
a young man, and the town of Wilcox was 
named after him at the suggestion of Presi- 
dent Buchancfan, whose friend he was. 
He was mucn interested in the general 
development of the section and an active 
promoter of the Equitable Pipe Line Com- 
pany, the Tidewater Company, of the 
Jersey Shore and Pine Creek; Rochester, 
Nunda and Pennsylvania; Bradford, Bor- 
dell and Kinsua, and Philadelphia and 
Erie Railroads. He served as Colonel on 
the staff of Governor Packer of Pennsyl- 
vania and again on the staff of Governor 
Geary; was a member of the lower house 
in the Legislatures of 1847, 1848 and 1870. 
He was elected the first two terms as a 


Democrat; the last as a Republican. All 
the other Wilcoxes and all the Medberys 
have been life-long Democrats, Colonel 
Alonzo I. Wilcox identified himself with 
the Republican party about the time of the 
beginning of the Civil war. He was sheriff 
of McKean county 1881-84. The notable 
floods of 1 861 destroyed his lumber busi- 
ness and caused him heavy losses; he re- 
peatedly lost heavily through endorsements 
and had his full share of reverses, but they 
never conquered him ; he never lost heart, 
and retained throughout his characteristic 
bouyancy of spirit and generous charitable- 
ness. He was a man of the broadest sym- 
pathies, notably hospitable, congenial, lib- 
eral, deservedly popular and respected. 

WILCOX, (Nathan Pendleton^ Isaiah^ 
Isaiah^ Stephen^ Edward^ Stephen^ Ed- 
ward^) b. at Nunda, N.Y., May 16, 1832; 
married at Coventry, N.Y., by Rev. J. B. 
Hoyt, October 6, 1856, to Celestine, dau. 
of John and Nancy (Little) Birge, of Cov- 
entry. Their children are: 


i William Alonzo, b. Olean, July 25, 1857. 
ii Clara Birge, b. Olean, March 28, 1859, 

iii Henry Pendleton, b. Olean, Dec. 28, 

iv Anna Janet, b. Nicholson, Pa., July 25, 

1862, unmarried. 

Received his education at Nunda acade- 
my. Was merchant at Olean, N.Y., and 
removed in 1862 to Nicholson, Wyoming 
county, Pa., where he was a hardware 
merchant for many years and a leading 
man in the community. For more than 
thirty-five years he has been an elder in 
the Presbyterian church, and was commis- 
sioner to the notable General Assembly of 
1869 in New York City when the union of 
the old and new schools was consummated, 
and again to the General Assembly of 
1879 at Saratoga Springs. He has held 
many local public and corporation offices. 
Is a Past Master of Nicholson lodge, No. 
438, F. & A. M., and a member of Temple 
Commandery at Tunkhannock. Of late 
years he has been largely occupied as a 
surveyor and conveyancer. 



BROWN, (Rasselas Wilcox^ (Brown) 
Polly^ (Wilcox) Isaiah^, Isaiah^ Stephen*, 
Edward^ Stephen^, Edward^), b. June 25, 
1834; married to his cousin Amanda H. 
Merriam in 1855. Died at Wilcox, Elk 
county. Pa., December 12, 1897. His 
children were: 

i Laura Merriam, b. April 1, 1857. 
ii Emma Gillis, b. Sept. 11, 1860. 
iii Frank Basselas, b. April 5. 1867. 

Was for many years a prominent land 
surveyor. Was a soldier in the Civil war. 
Had a banking house at Wilcox, first as 
J . L. Brown and afterwards as J . L. Brown 
& Co. Was a ruling elder in the Presby- 
terian church; was a member of the Penn- 
sylvania House of Representatives for Elk 
County for the session of 188 1-3. At the 
same time his brother Isaac was a mem- 
ber from Erie county and Wallace was in 
Congress. That while closely bound by 
a warm brotherly affection, the members 
of the family were accustomed to think 
for themselves is shown by the fact that 


though Jefferson's allegiance to the Demo- 
cratic party was unwavering, the other two 
have always been Republicans, and while 
in church connection Jefferson was a Pres- 
byterian, Wallace is a Baptist; and Isaac 
an Episcopalian. 


BROWN, (Rasselas Wilcox^ (Brown) 
Polly^ (Wilcox), Isaiah^ Isaiah•^ Stephen^ 
Edward^ Stephen^, Edward^) b. April 22, 
1 836, at Summerhill, Cayuga county, N. Y. ; 
married March 18, 1862, to Ellen Cran- 
dall. Has one child: 

i Jessie Lincoln, b. August 20, 1864. 

Graduate of Alfred University, which 
institution in 1886 conferred upon him the 
degree of LL.D. Is a lawyer; was of the 
famous * * Bucktail Regiment " of the Civil 
war; was a member of the Pennsylvania 
House of Representatives, 1873, 1875 and 
1876, and member of the 48th and 49th 
Congress (1883-7) from Pennsylvania; was 
aide to Governor Hartranft with the rank 
of colonel. Has been Recorder and Dis- 


trict Attorney of McKean county, and City 
Solicitor of Corry and Bradford; was two 
years Auditor of war department and is 
now serving in the treasury department at 
Washington as Auditor of the Navy de- 

(Rasselas Wilcox^ (Brown), Polly"^ (Wil- 
cox), Isaiah^, Isaiah^ Stephen*, Edward^ 
Stephen^ Edward^b. July 29, 1838; mar- 
ried March 19, 1863, Silas W. Mayer, 
merchant of Rasselas. They have had 
one child, Mary Ann, b. November 4, 
1870, died January 4, 1878. 

las Wilcox^ (Brown), Polly*^ (Wilcox), 
Isaiah^, Isaiah^, Stephen*, Edward^ Ste- 
phen^, Edward^) b. Nov. 11, 1840; mar- 
ried to George R. Allen of Cicero, Onon- 
daga county, N. Y. A member of the 
extensive fruit canning firm of Loomis, 
Allen & Company, of Syracuse, N. Y. 
They have children: 


i Bessie Julia, b. Sept., 1859; married 
John Rapelje June 24, 1884, and 
died Oct. 27, 1896. 

ii Chauncey Loomis, b. January 16, 1870; 
married Florence Worster. 

iii Wallace Brown, b. October 25, 1874. 

BROWN, (Rasselas Wilcox^ (Brown) 
Polly^ (Wilcox), Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Ste- 
phen^ Edward^. Stephen^ Edward^), b. 
May 3, 1843; married to William E. Hew- 
itt December 25, 1865. Lives at Brock- 
wayville, Pa. Have children: 

i Ella, b. December, 1870. 
ii Grace C, b. 1883. 


(Rasselas Wilcox^ (Brown), Polly'^, (Wilcox) 
Isaiah^, Isaiah^ Stephen*, Edward^, Ste- 
phen^, Edward^) b. February 20, 1848; 
married June 25, 1870, to Hannah Par- 
tington. Their children are: 

i Lillian, b. April 16, 1871; d. September 

28, 1891. 
ii Sara Mary, b. Nov. 24, 1881. 
iii Easselas Wilcox, b. Dec. 13, 1887. 


Is a lawyer at Corry, Erie county, Pa ; 
was in the Civil war and afterwards cap- 
tain of company A, i6th regiment, N.G. P., 
and 1884 Judge Advocate of the Second 
Brigade, N. G. P., with the rank of major; 
was a member of the Pennsylvania House 
of Representatives in 188 1-5. Has since 
been Deputy Secretary of Internal Affairs 
of Pennsylvania, except during a short 
period when he was Secretary by appoint- 
ment of Governor Hastings to fill an un- 
expired term. Is now also Superintendent 
of the Bureau of Railways and one of the 
members of the State Forestry Reserva- 
tion Commission. He graduated from 
Alfred University in 1869, which institution 
conferred upon him the degree of LL.D. 
in 1900. 

BERY (Elvira Zevirah^ (Wilcox), William 
Pendleton^, Isaiah^ Isaiah^, Stephen^ Ed- 
ward^, Stephen^, Edward^) b. at Smeth- 
port, Pa., July 5, 1840; married Ophelia 
C. Fitch, of Port Alleghany, Pa., Sept. 
26, 1863; moved, in 1881, to Cavq^r, 


Beadle county, So. Dakota, and in 1899* 
to Huron. Have one child: 

i George Alonzo, born at Port Allegh- 
any, Pa., July 6, 1865. 


BERY (Elvira Zeviah^ (Wilcox), William 
Pendleton^, Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Stephen^ Ed- 
ward^ Stephen^, Edward^, b. Smethport, 
May 27, 1842; married June i, 1870, Kit- 
tie C. Haight of Angelica, N.Y. Was in 
the mercantile business with his father in 
Port Alleghany several years and was 
County Treasurer of McKean. Moved to 
Cavour, Beadle county. So. Dakota, in 
1873, and engaged in farming; was County 
Commissioner, and is now County Treas- 
urer. Have three children, all born at 
Port Alleghany, Pa. : 

i Mary Elvira, b. Nov. 7, 1871. 

ii Walter Alonzo Wilcox, b. Aug. 12,1874. 

ii William Pendleton Wilcox, b. June 4, 


XXIII. IDA^ WILCOX (Alonzo Isaiah^, 

Wm. Pendleton^ Isaiah^, Isaiah^ Stephen^ 


Edward^ Stephen^ EdwardS) b. at Wil- 
cox, Elk county, Pa., in 1857; married in 
1882 to Ernest H. Koester, son of G. F. 
and Mary B . Koester. Their children are. 

i Maurice Alonzo, b. June 29, 1883, d. 

Feb. 17, 1889. 
ii Frederick Ernest, b. May 10, 1887. 
iii Nina Gildea, b. Nov. 18, 1891. 

Mr. Koester served a term as District 
Attorney of McKean county. Pa. , and is 
at present an active lawyer at Hackensack, 
N. J., and prosecuting attorney at Bergen 
county, N. J. 

COX (Nathan Pendleton^ Nathan Pen- 
dleton"^, Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Stephen*, Ed ward^ 
Stephen^ Edward^), b. Clean, N.Y., July 
25, 1857; married April 22, 1885, Katha- 
rine, dau. of Hon. Steuben and Katharine 
(Breese) Jenkins of Wyoming, Pa. Their 
children are: 

i William Jenkins, b. March 17, 1886. 
ii Emily, b. January 7, 1889. 
iii Helen, b. March 4, 1892. 


iv and v Stephen and Henry (twins) b. Janu- 
ary 31, 1898. The former died 
January 7, 1899, and the latter 
April 23, 1899. The first two 
children were born at Wyoming, 
the others at Scranton. 

He is a member of the Lackawanna 
County Bar, and has been in active prac- 
tice at Scranton since i88o. One of the 
incorporators of the Pennsylvania Bar As- 
sociation and a member of the American 
Bar Association. Was a ruHng elder of 
the Presbyterian Church while at Wyom- 

COX (Nathan Pendleton^ Nathan Pen- 
dleton^, Isaiah^, Isaiah^, Stephen"^, Edward^ 
Stephen^ Edward^), b. at Olean, Decem- 
ber 28, i860; married July 24, 1886, to 
Rosamond, dau. of Miles Avery of East 
Lemon, Wyoming county, Pa. Had one 
child, Esther, born April 19, 1887, died 
May II, 1902. His wife Rosamond died 
November 24, 1888; he died January 20, 
1899. He was a merchant and registered 


pharmacist. Member of the Presbyterian 
church at Nicholson and a Past Master of 
Nicholson Lodge, No . 438, F. &. A. M. He 
was splendidly sincere, of the highest in- 
tegrity, strictly temperate, generous and 
faithful. Few people have had more friends 
than he or held them more firmly. 


(Jefferson Luther^ (Brown), Rasselas Wil- 
cox^, (Brown), Polly^ (Wilcox), Isaiah^ 
Isaiah^, Stephen^ Edward^ Stephen^ Ed- 
ward^), b. April I, 1857. Is the wife of 
Ermit G. Latta, a manufacturer, of Friend- 
ship, N.Y. They have three children: • 

i Jefferson Latta Brown, b. July, 1880; 
served in Cuba in 1899 as private 
in Co. L, 202d Regt., N. Y. 

ii Frank Raymond, b. March, 1888. 

iii Hubbard Isaac, b. May, 1893. 

Jefferson Luther^ (Brown), Rasselas Wil- 
cox^ (Brown), Polly^ (Wilcox), Isaiah^ 
Isaiah^ Stephen*, Edward^ Stephen^ Ed- 
ward^) b. at Wilcox, September 10, i860. 


June 27, 1889, m. Daniel K. Condon, of 
Wilcox. Have two children: 

i Helen Merriam, b. October 6, 1890. 
ii Catherine Estelle, b. June 30, 1892. 


BROWN (Jefferson Luther^ Rasselas 
Wilcox^ Polly^ (Wilcox), Isaiah^ Isaiah^ 
Stephen^ Edward^ Stephen^ Edward^) 
b. at Wilcox, Pa., April 5, 1867. Civil 
Engineer and President of the J. L. 
Brown Banking Company at Wilcox. Mar- 
ried, August 14, 1890, Bertha A., daught- 
er of A. A. Clearwater. Have one child: 
i Helen Elizabeth, b. Sept. 7, 1895. 


(William Wallace^ Rasselas W.,^ Polly', 
(Wilcox), Isaiah*^, Isaiah'^ Stephen^ Ed- 
ward^, Stephen^, Edward^), b. August 20, 
1864. Married Frederick P. Schoonmaker, 
a lawyer at Bradford, Pa. They have one 

^^^^^' i Susie Rae, b. Dec. 12, 1894. 


(Mary Ann, ^ (Brown), Rasselas Wl, Polly^ 
(Wilcox) Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Stephen^ Ed- 


ward^ Stephen/^ Edward^), b. September, 
1859, d. Oct. 27, 1897. Married John 
Rapelje, of Hopewell, N. Y. They have 
one child: 

i John Allen Rapelje, b, April 1, 1889. 

LEN, (Mary Ann^ (Brown), RasselasWl, 
Polly ^(Wilcox), Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Stephen^ 
Edward^ Stephen^, Edward\) b. Janu- 
ary, 1870; m. Florence Rose Worster, 
of Syracuse, N. Y. Is manager of the Lo- 
rain Street Railway. They have one child: 

i Alfred George Allen, b. Dec, 1897. 


HOFF (Eunice Angeline^ (Brown), Ras- 
selas Wilcox^ Polly^ (Wilcox), Isaiah^ 
Isaiah^ Stephen^ Edward^ Stephen^, Ed- 
ward^), born Dec, 1870; m. John Allen 
of Wilcox. He died. Her second hus- 
band is Rev. E. E. Emhofl. She has one 
child by her first husband and one by the 

i John Allen. 

ii Merriam Emhoff, b. December, 1900. 


b6rY (William CI, Elvira Zeviah^ (Wil- 
cox), William P^, Isaiah^ Isaiah^ Ste- 
phen^, Edward^, Stephen^ Edward^), b. at 
Port Alleghany, Pa., July 6, 1865. Re- 
moved with his father to Carvoi/r, South 
Dakota, and engaged with him m farming 
until 1896. Elected Sheriff of Beadle 
county by the Fusionists in 1896 and re- 
elected in 1898. January 31, 1889 mar- 
ried Mary Lillian Teets. They have two 

Ethlyn, b. June 18, 1894. 

William Keith, b. October 11, 1901. 

COX^o MEDB0RY (William Chester^ 
Elvira Ziviah^ (Wilcox) Wm. Pendleton"^, 
Isaiah^, Isaiah^, Stephen^ Edward^ Ste- 
phen^ Edward^), b. Aug. 12, 1874, at 
Port Alleghany. Married Rie Aickerman 
of Liberty, So. Dakota, Mar. 7, 1900. 


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